Appreciation For The People That I Met

It is truly amazing how things can play out with you aren’t really paying attention to what is going on around you. We give our undivided attention to things that negatively impact our lives that we often neglect to see the positives happening right under our noses. I say this because for the past couple weeks, I have watched some of my closest friends and family go through hardship and turmoil. 2017 has truly been a hard year (not saying that any of the other years haven’t been bad) but it just seems like so much is happening this year without a moment’s reprieve. It really is relentless.

And these events have impacted me as well though in different ways. However, it is here where I discovered something truly awesome that I felt the urge to share. So if you would permit me a moment of time, I’d like to make this informal and rather spur of the moment journal like entry and dedicate these words to those need to hear them. This one is for you guys.

Connections are really fascinating things when you sit down and think about it. By definition, it is a relationship which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. Taking that one step further, friendships are connections that has risen to a state of mutual trust and support.

Now think about how many people you have met in your life thus far. Countless interactions and engagements with people right? How many of those encounters were meaningful? Were you able to connect with that person? Did you become friends? When I start to break things down like that, I become immediately grateful for the bonds I were able to establish.  7.5 billion people in the world, the odds of find people that you truly relate to is really low. I have a handful of people that I am willing to do almost anything for and I know they are the same way.

But what is even more fascinating is that I was able to do this with people I have never met in person. People that I have only gotten to enjoy their time and company through a virtual space. Some who live in different time zones, different states, and even different countries. These connections I would argue are even more precious and remarkable than those that you make in person. The reason I say this (not saying that one means more than the other) is because you grew with this person strictly based off of their personality alone. We connected without having to be judge through personal appearance or anything else people tend to be bias about.

And these long distance connections are strongly rooted in sincerity. I have been through a lot of stuff with long distance family. From traversing the universe and completely wrecking the opposition in competitive games to  establishing years worth of story lines and character developments through role-playing, these memories are cherished just as dearly as anything I’ve done personally. I’ve tilled land, cut trees, killed beefalo, assassinated mark targets, participated in cut wrenching battles, taking hard loses, experiences the thrills of victory, and more.

Some were there during the darkest of days as one of the silhouettes guiding me back with their lanterns. They’ve been their through my transitions  in life and has helped me grow as a person as I know I have for them. Some I have been able to relate to on a moral and intellectual level, others have been my inspiration to attempt to strive for better, pushing me to do things out of my comfort zone because they have believed in me.

I acknowledge all of this now because in a week’s time, I will take my first ever trip away from home without family and friends to go see one of those people. The thought of it was so mind-blowing that we were both thinking about it. Both astonished and amazed that it was even happening because in reality, it feels so unreal. My grandmother was surprised and did not necessarily understand it but support my trip based on the passion that came when I described it.

This is my way of letting all of you guys know that you guys are awesome! Some of you helped shaped me into the person I am today. Others reinforced the person I am. But I can say I wouldn’t be here as I am now without you guys and I wanted you all to know that.

Now for the fun stuff.  Below I gave a small little shout out  in the form of characters from one of my favorite shows, Log Horizon. Enjoy!

Man… I still find it odd that we were thinking the same thing when you called yesterday Rerzario. You are actually one of the two reasons why I even considered writing this in the first place. Man, it feels like I’ve known you my entire life and I know that isn’t the case.  (But hell, it might as well be.)  I’ve always imagined you as the tank. The one that stays calm, cool, and collected under pressure (not all the time… >_> He be going off sometimes… like that one time when he waited patiently to team kill everyone in rainbow six because they purposely shot him in the round before. He ain’t got time weakness.)  Thus you have earned the title of Naotsugu. Right hand man and the person I can always come to if I need advice, wisdom, or ideas on doing thot things… >_>. I often forget how much older you are compared to the rest of us which is weird but super dope. Dope because I found someone with some of the same ideals and principles that I have who will understand some of the things I am going through not because you can relate but because most of the time, you made some of the same decisions. If I am the mage, you are the tank, the one that guides us fearlessly into battle with the intent on bringing the pain. If you ever watch this show, this is you hands down. (And you will immediately understand why.) Can’t wait to do some thot things when I visit!

All of these hugs belong to you! If I haven’t proven it already, my elaborate hugs will transcend time. Perhaps I come up with hug a day until the end of time. Prepare for it! Bebe… Bebe… Bebe… what can I say that I haven’t already said already? (maybe that I have grown quite fond of the name Bebe… nah.) Is it strange that whenever I am talking to you, I feel your presence where I am? Like you’re right there with me. Probably is weird but it happens sometimes! Though it has been quite some time, I can’t picture or fathom a time where you aren’t there. You’ve been through almost every major event in my life with the exception of a few. Oddly enough, I never felt the urge to withhold information from you. I speak to you as naturally as I would if I was talking to myself. (which I do occasionally. There are characters in my head so it is technically not talking to myself… <_<) And you always been there,  available when I need someone to talk to. Outspoken about the things that matter most to you and protective of those that have earned your trust, you are truly one of a kind. A diamond crafted through experiences that never forgot who she was. You’re the best friend everyone deserves and I am glad to have you as a member in my little band of misfits.  (Have you notice that lately, our convos have have spread across three different applications seamlessly? ) All of your characters are dope by the way. From Skyrim to Black Desert and all of the games in between.

Though I know your role is healing, we were on the same page with this one. You have the title of Akatsuki, the assassin. The role ensures efficiency while also making sure that everyone is accounted for and protected from the shadows! (We are we going to make these moves! Our lemonade stand / Tea Shop, our MMO, and our book deal needs our attention!)

Isa… it has been far too long. Way too long. We’re like ancient friends now. Like since the dinosaurs. Like… before there was light. We were there as darkness. (Funny, no will know you by that name here.) We are practically family. I have every intention on visiting you and calling your mom, my mom. Make sure she knows I am like her long lost step son three times removed who was adopted by clouds and served time in a puddle for making it rain on fools. (We will play a game of 21.) Those memories of role-playing back in high school are still fresh in my mind. In a way, we have learned how to write through each other with the help of AOL and now you are off writing short novels. You’ve ran guilds, forums, and countless of story-lines (All of which has made me extremely grape! >_<) and has inspired me to not only pick back up my writing habits (role-playing seldom with you is like going though a door to the past) but venture off into blogging. We You have spent years trying to get me to convert to WoW and/or Pokemon (which I will choose one. I will. Probably will be Pokemon with a game coming to the switch in the future). Dude… I swear there is so much stuff in my mind I can’t put into words are the moment. All of those years of Role-playing! *Mic Drop*

Like siblings, I know we will always have each other backs even if we go through periods of time in which life keeps us separated. Le Terrible only rides because of you and I fire off my pop-tart bazooka in the name of thee. And I don’t think there is a single soul out here that can take us… me with my healing frying pan… you, carrying the rest of the load. (Lmao.) We will always have the advantage! Your title is Henrietta. (this was actually hard.) You keep the group fed, rested, and ready to go. Who can also throw dem hands when needed.  (Honestly, just because that picture is dope!)

Only a select few know will know you by the name Agnola(sp?) (It has been awhile and I am at work!) Though we don’t talk as often as we probably should, know we are like the best of friends. You are another one of those ancient companions that it really hard to summarize because we’ve known each other for far too long. I still remember all the fun we had while RPing and you are right, we need to sit down and start back up again.  I am still shocked you still have all those logs from back in the day. Most of my stuff went down when my first computer crashed but you have some memories there! Some of which I feel like you should read out loud.  You have the title of Kanami!

I hope guys enjoyed this. To all those reading, shout out some of your long distance pals with a picture of anime character that you think fits them. I picked Log Horizon because I identify with Shiroe. I really had fun writing this random rant about my long distance pals at work but I think it is time for me to go home. I wasn’t even paying attention to the time. You guys stay awesome!

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  1. You made me cry, Buggerhead >.< lol

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