Happy New Years!

With the passing of another year, it is time to start anew. And though I don’t plan on doing anything drastic, I do have plans for this year that I will be pushing for.

I hope to make this place a home, second only to my actual house that I plan on moving into this year.

I can only accomplish that by bring some life to this place with the things I cherish and love. So, be prepared to see anime, games, books, music, and more for I will aiming to update this place with my findings at least once a day!

Also, I have decided to start my very own version of the 365 day challenge. (though its quite similar.) I want to be able to remember the small things that take place in my life. The joyful moments that we often overlook or don’t notice. The things that get swept away in our forgotten memories because of the big things. So, I will write about those things. I will find something wonderful everyday and jot it down so that this time next year, I can look back with friends and family (or maybe even you) and reminisce the journey.

I have tried this maybe four times and I haven’t really gotten far in my previous attempts. But I’m not a person to quit and give up. I may stumble and lose my way, but I always find myself coming back here. Reading things from my previous self and going, “Why did I stop?”

So here is to another attempt at it. Lighting the candle for a dream that had almost died out.

This is my New Years Resolution!

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  1. melaniemelgar says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the follow (: I am trying to be more consistent with posting this year. Wishing you the best!

    1. Likewise. I believe is something we can accomplish if we aren’t walking the path by ourselves. Similar to working out, its best to do it with a partner or in a group because the journey is always better with company.

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