Day 1: Snow and Memories

My eyes close while the cold that surrounds begins to embrace me. I can feel its chill slowly lick at my bones and numb my skin as my body slowly starts to shiver to keep it away as I consciously welcome it The small kisses that grace my cheek resembles the affection of a passionate lover deep in heat. The sound of muffled powder as i roll playfully in it sound that I don’t get hear too often but is one that my heart fondly remembers. The tears of joy that fall down my face as melt snow as I sit up, freezing cold with a smile on my face.

The scene is priceless. When it snows, it feels like time slows down at the expense of its beauty. Nothing is ever hurried or rushed. Everything always seems to fall into place. There is a tranquility that comes about when it snows and cannot be duplicated. A lull that cannot be broken as it falls that calms the soul until your body reminds you that its cold outside. 

Even when it stops and night befalls the land, the silence that happens doing the winter is absolute. It was commands peace and nothing ever challenges its presence for long. When it snows, I often remind myself recalling memories as the silence welcomes such thoughts. Visions of happiness, sadness, and contentment slowly comes and goes like a slideshow that I have no control over and it reminds me that each and every moment can be represented as a snowflake. 

Some of them I can see and remember clearly, but often most fall without notice into the collective. It warns me that I should cherish those that I can see vividly for those may be the ones that my heart clings to. Cherish those things because like everything else, nothing lasts forever. Soon, the snow will melt and leave no traces and all that will be left, is the feeling that I now hold dear in my chest.

What are your thoughts?

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