Just over the horizon…

It’s been a minute since I’ve paid a visit to my blog, let alone write anything with substance.

I made a promise in the beginning year about keeping up my blog and it seems like less than a week later, I had already broken that promise. To those that followed me, I would like to thank you and I appreciate the support and I hope in the future, I can redeem myself for falling down.

With that being said, I’ve returned to the fray battered and bruised from the beating life gave me, bearing the scars proudly and ready to move on. I gave a taste of my new year and the heartache that followed with my breakup and from there, it seemed like I slipped and fell into a canyon of misfortune.

I can honestly say I have never felt so low and lost. No creativity. No muse. No meaning. I was walking around as if my existence was pointless.

And though it took awhile, I have emerged to try this again.

So with that that said, I’m ready to go for broke.

(The blog will be going to some changes as my focus and topics have changed a bit.)

What are your thoughts?

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