30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 23

What anime do you wish never ended?

I honestly feel like the gif… there was absolutely no reason why No Game No Life had to end the way it did. NO REASON!

No Game No Life came into my life like a lover who was hell bent on showing my the finer things in life. It took me outside and showed me what life could truly be like if I just lived a little. We went on dates… I was able to indulge in wine for the first time… it even tucked me into bed after out beautiful date and didn’t press me for more. It was quite the experience.

All jokes aside, No Game No Life practically earned a season two in my opinion half through season one. The animation was top notch, the story though it felt kind of rushed, was still entertaining and engrossing, and the music… my god the music… it amazing! Not to mention that it had lovable characters and a plot that was not only interesting but a different take on usual Isekai we had been getting so far.

A Duo of brother and sister known as Blank, who has practically gone undefeated when it comes to games gets transported to a new world by the God of games, with an interesting set of rules where everything is decided by playing games.

Winter, Describing No Game No Life

You can’t tell me this isn’t a dope premise! Add in the concept that everyone is virtually a cheater and bends the rules whenever they can to gain favor and you the stage as been set for a rather interesting series that ended after twelve episodes on a larger than life cliff hanger that forces us to read the light novel to get our fix…

Besides, you can’t tell me that Stephanie wasn’t the hottest Redhead of that season!
Add the equipped glasses and she was a instant nosebleed!

Don’t get me wrong. There are some people that didn’t like this series. Some said the fan-service was just intrusive and throughout the twelve episodes, the message about the potential of humanity was lost in all of the hi-jinks. There is nothing I could do about the fan-service but I think it would have calmed down in future seasons similarity to how Food Wars did. (Though I didn’t mind it so much here… don’t ask me why. I couldn’t tell you.) But I honestly think had they given this anime it own space and paced the episodes better, some of the flaws of the plot would have be ironed out better. (I have yet to read the light novel)

There was a lot to like here. The characters were flawed even though over-powered and character dynamic brought a lot of reliability to show. The games were over-the-top and sometimes obscene but still entertaining and kept you glued to the screen. The animation was just a spectacle to adore.

I read somewhere that the reason why season 2 never happened was because of allegations that the author Kamiya copied the artwork of other artist and if that is true, that is such a shame. Despite that, the light novel is still going strong with the latest release being back on February 18th so it looks like I will be biting the bullet here and reading.

But I will probably never stop hoping for a season 2…

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading guys. You are all amazing! What did you think of No Game No Life? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Until the next post…


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  1. Yomu says:

    Thanks for doing your part here, Winter.
    It’s every anime blogger’s responsibility to bring up this pressing issue at least once. Hopefully we will see some action taken eventually.

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