Blogging in 2018

We made it!

Yes we did!

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be writing this bubbly with excitement and glee, but I am. I still can’t imagine or even fathom the amount of success I have had with this blog in the short amount of time that I have been around. I mean, it isn’t like world breaking numbers or anything like that… but it doesn’t have to be. My expectations were low. Extremely low. I had the mindset that this was going to be a slow grind and had prepared for it. I did my research on other channels back in August when I thought about returning. I compared myself to all those those who I admired and who were successful. I read countless articles about how to blog, jotted down pro tips, and watch videos to ensure that I was well around with knowledge before I dove in for the third time. I even decided to pick up a new theme, shifting from movie reviews to anime reviews. (though I will still be doing those.)

Life came crashing down on me in so many different areas as it usually does when I try to do something new. But this time felt… different and it turned out to be much more than I ever would have imagined.

So without further ado, let reflect.

A Fresh Start (October)

October was the month that I decided to jump into the madness of blogging. Is it odd that I always try to make my attempts in autumn? To be completely honest with you, I had no plan. I had just got word that Toaru Majutsu no Index was finally releasing its third season and I got super excited. One of my closest friends had been nudging me back into writing since the summer and while sitting my computer, idly staring into space, I got the idea to pull back up my WordPress account and just write my thoughts down.

It felt so good to be writing again. Coming from a deep background in journalism in school, poetry, and writing short novels; it felt like I had returned somewhere I had lost being in front of my computer listening to the sound of the keys on the keyboard as letters appeared on the screen. I used to spend entire days in front of my computer crafting stories and poems while chatting in chat rooms about the latest and great things that were happening. That had been years ago. My last attempt was in 2017.

At first, I thought that it was just going to be a one-off. But after I watched My Hero Academia: Two Heros, I rushed back to my computer to capture the thoughts that were racing in my head. I think that was because I did really have anyone to talk about it outside of my personal circle who already had their set opinions that were different from my own. I was hesitant about sharing that one. I was so nervous up to pressing that button to publish. I got a few likes from that review and it was really encouraging just to know that someone read it.

Then I remember the community project that I discovered on Irina’s page that was started by Ty-Chama with a simple post answering the question Why do you still love anime? It was a really thought-provoking question for me who had just wrote two posts about anime after nearly a year absence. I read through tons of responses and though I wasn’t directly nominated, that urge to get in front of my keyboard was overwhelming. I was seriously checking out each new post hoping that someone might have tagged me which made no sense because I don’t think anyone knew of me at the time outside of a few from my attempt last year. But I wrote one regardless and mustered up the courage to post it hoping that I did not offend anyone.

Turns out, it was the exact opposite.

People actually like it to my own surprise. I was at work watching my phone blow up with notifications of likes and comments. I was literally shocked and told my grandparents all about it. Even though they didn’t know what I was talking about, showing them pictures of Yu-hi-man and Dragonball Z (All anime are those two shows because that is all they know), they were even excited.

And that was the kick I needed after basically reaffirming in myself through that post that it was worth giving a try. Even if I had forgotten everything I read over the past few months and didn’t know what I was doing.

Getting My Feet Wet (November)

So what do you do with all this energy and excitement? I was riding a high that fueled my desire to write and I had no signs of coming down anytime soon. So I started! I decided to start off covering three shows so that I could write something to post every day. At the time, a close friend of mine wanted to do the 300 Writing Prompts challenge from a book she picked up. I obliged because I was curious to just write and at the time, I didn’t care what it was.

This was seriously what it looked like…

I wish someone would have warned me that I probably should have dialed it back a little bit. Someone did… you didn’t listen. I started off writing about SSSS.Gridman without having a real format. I thought to talk about everything in the episode was a great idea and while I had fun, it took up too much time. Especially when I considered that I wanted to write a prompt a day and at least one more review. But I had already committed to the task so I decided that I would just do one and the prompts. And it was extremely fun and challenging! I didn’t know finding gifs were so hard! Especially when you have a particular one in mind to use.

All this was happening while I was now being actively tagged in projects and challenges! I realize now that I REALLY enjoy doing the challenges and I can’t wait to make up a couple of my own this year.

Diving in may not have been the best option, but I learned a lot through my experience in November. I learn that I would have to come up with a format that works for me so that I can maintain consistency. I learn that I have a lot of things that I want to talk about… so much so that it sometimes get out of hand. Scheduling will be my best friend this year. And lastly, not to start too many things at once. Jot down my ideas for future post and save them. I am sure I will need them at some point.

Best Month Ever (Decemeber)

Attempting to apply some of those things I learned, I went into December with a plan. At all cost, try to be consistent by any means necessary. This caused me to develop the new habit writing ahead and scheduling them for later dates. That should have been obvious. It wasn’t! But the concept worked out beautifully! I started the 30 Day Anime Challenge which has been nothing short of an amazing ride full of really amazing questions. I was tagged by the awesome Moya do write tankas for the first time. And I was able to grab the attention of Project Destati, a group of arrangers, orchestrators, and performers who create new arrangements out of the Kingdom Hearts music. This blew my mind because I had been following them for years and I adored their music and they read my post about them. If there was ever time I geeked out and turned into a girl fanning himself, it was here.

And although I was going through a lot of things at work and personally with my family, I think I did a good job with the consistency even if I ended up not keeping up with SSSS.Gridman. (I am going to finish that!)

I crossed a lot of milestones in December. 1,086 views and 512 visitors in that month alone. I want to thank everyone who has supported this mess of a blog. You all are truly amazing people and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Ideas Activate!

I have a lot of cool ideas and things that I want to do in 2019. I want to collaborate with someone. That would be awesome! I want to talk about all of the anime of the past and give my thoughts of them. I really want to dive into the music of anime because I feel like we don’t give those composers and artist enough credit. And if we do, I want to shout them out personally. Over my break, I will really be thinking about how to tackle this in a fun way.

You are doing it again!!! Wut? Nu, Nu I’m not. Just tag along!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out a year from now. I’m already super excited about all the new challenges I hopefully will get to take part in this year.

I hope you guys are as well.

Until the next post…

Here is a small toast to all those that I have met this year the first time or rediscovered who is an inspiration in my blogging journey.

Lynn Sheridan! The H.O.T.D.D was fire and I loved reading every day of that project! I was serious about your plan to workout while enjoying anime! Count me in on the pain! And I can’t wait to see your A to Z Challenge!

Irina! The beacon of light that shows us the path to be not only better bloggers but better people. Your blog was a help for me in December and I can’t thank you enough for just being the awesome person that you are.

Merlin! My daily stop for television and movies that I can’t keep up with. You have made me really interested in catching Wreck it Ralph and the sequel and I love the Sunday’s Wisdom!

Ty-Chama! One of the reasons I even started this journey was because of that initial community project so there was no way I wasn’t going to thank you for sparking that fire in me!

Karandi! If there ever a person that I look up into the community, it is you milady! You were my first comment when I attempt my first anime review covering Youjo Senki! I remember being like “Wow! She commented on my review!” after looking up your blog. I told my grandma… >_> She didn’t appreciate my excitement. I didn’t geek out at all.

Moya! You know I am still working on Tankas? STILL. Like I am surprised that I enjoyed that project so much! Your content is always interesting and unique and I am still itching to see your thoughts on the remaining episodes of Toradora!

And special warm leaping hug goes out to all those who liked, followed, and commented.

21 Comments Add yours

  1. Merlin says:

    Well, if I may just say, welcome! And I enjoy reading what you write, too! 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    That’s some great progress in such a short time. I think your approach of commenting and being genuine with other bloggers will help you no end. We can also see your love of the topic come through in your writing. Keep it up. Here’s to an incredible 2019.

    1. Thanks! That means a lot!

  3. Karandi says:

    Thank you for the mention. It feels like you’ve been part of this community so much longer and hopefully you keep going in 2019. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  4. Chizurue says:

    Congrats on your milestones!! That’s awesome.
    I can totally relate geeking out when Karandi comments or features posts. And also how Irina is such a gem in wordpress. ♥️ the community of bliggers here are incredibly supportive! 👍🏻
    If you haven’t met Raistlin yet, you will probably soon… I hope

    1. They are! It so cool! I thought I was the only one that nerded! I have! I don’t interact with Raistlin as much but I know how awesome he is!

    2. Thanks, by the way, I got too excited. All of my broken sentences are a result of that. Irina, Karandi, and Raistlin are like the legendary Sannin!

      1. Chizurue says:

        Yesss! Now I’m having a crisis here thinking which character is their counterpart…

      2. We should do a post on!!! I think the community would chime in on a vote!

      3. Chizurue says:

        We totally should. Will Irina and her drinks be tsunade or jiraiya?
        You know I think Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko works too but only because Karandi is Nagato with six paths of pain helping to run the blog. But then that means….


        If any of them might be reading this. All in goood fun senseis 💕

      4. That is actually brilliant! Irina would have to be Tsunade!

      5. moyatori says:

        Lol, and Karandi would be Orochimaru cuz gothic colours, while Raistlin is…Jiraiya? Everyone’s cool uncle, I guess?? Sorry to rekindle this discussion, but this is too interesting.

      6. If we are serious, we can all do a post dedicated to one of our legendary sannin!

      7. Chizurue says:

        Haha but you can edit YOUR comments in your blog while us typo notorious can’t when it comes to comments to others.

      8. I wouldnt do that to ya. We make mistakes together!

  5. Ty-chama says:

    Thanks for my inclusion in this blog post! I’m honestly honoured to have played a role in your journey thus far! I hope that you’ll continue to write and find the experience rewarding and exciting in 2019! I’ve been thinking about teaming up with another blogger to write a collab post at some point too! Would you be interested in working on one together someday?

    1. Of course! That would super dope! I hope that the journey in 2019 is filled with awesome moments for everyone!

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