30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4

What anime deserves more love?

If I told you I knew the answer to this question even before I had read the list, would you believe me? Good, because I wouldn’t want to just tell fibs for no reason. However, I will say that my choice had been something I had mulling over for nearly a year. After all the hype had finally died down while the manga quietly continued and finished unbeknownst to a lot of people that I knew.

Soul Eater deserves all the love! And I mean all of it! This is a series that I honestly wished they would have waited to adapt. Or at the very least figured out some way to stall for time until the manga finished because the series that received was a far cry from how to manga ultimately finished.

Soul Eater was one of those unfortunate anime that caught up with the source material. When that happens, it show has a few options on how to proceed. 

I don’t know any cases like this off the top of my head. Do you guys have any examples of this?
This is the unfortunate path that Soul Eater took and I honestly believe there was no way to get it back together. 
Naruto took this path for better or worse. That’s not fair! Some of the filler episodes/arcs weren’t that bad!
I honestly believe this was Bleach’s problem. 

While I don’t know what exactly caused the problem, Soul Eater ran smack dab into the manga series around episode 38.  From this point on, it felt like the series was rushed and forced down a hole just to finish the series. I usually don’t bring up manga often, mainly because I don’t read it as much as I should but Soul Eater was one of those rare exceptions to the rule.

This was the crew! They were so stylish! 

The manga fleshed out the characters more. Had more time to develop some of the side characters and some of the plots that started in the anime but was never resolved. Maka did not become a weapon like in the anime. Black Star became why more powerful and diverse in the manga. Kid finished his actual character arc. The touch on witches more than what they did in the anime. There was so much missing from the anime. And so while I did in enjoy the series, I hoping at some point Soul Eater gets the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood treatment. I really feel like for as popular as it was, it deserves it.

Also, they could flesh out the ending because the same sense of urgency was present at the ending of the manga. That too felt rushed in its own unique way. 

Tell me this opening doesn’t get you pumped for the show? Did you Shinigami-sama dancing!? 

I mean seriously, this show had EVERYTHING going for it. Wonderful opening and endings songs with my favorites being the opening Papermoon by Tommy Heavenly and Bakusō Yume Uta by Soul’d Out’ Diggy-Mo. Style by Kana Nishino was also pretty cool as well. The characters were unique and very entertaining to watch. The dub was pretty good. I preferred it over the sub and I started watching it subbed first. The first three episodes that introduced the main cast might be the best three episode run of that year with Maka’s fight with Jack the Ripper being outright stunning to watch. 

Dude… you just don’t understand how hyped I was about this episode. I showed it everyone I knew.

Just talking about the show gets me hyped! 

Do you see that animation! Maka’s coat was legendary. Like seriously, it is so cool!

Soul Eater deserves all the love in my opinion. The potential I think is still there to release that show and do it justice! Did you watch Soul Eater? What did you think of the show? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys and gals are awesome. 

And until the next post… MAKA CHOP!

Have you ever been chopped before? I have. I’ve also dished out some epic Shinigami Chop!
I had too… I’m sorry!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Karandi says:

    Totally with you. I love Soul Eater, but the ending is not great. It is definitely an anime I’d love to see get a reboot and see it finished properly. The characters and the story totally deserve it.

    1. Have you tried to manga?

      1. Karandi says:

        I don’t tend to read action manga of any sort because I don’t really enjoy it. The still images, regardless of how well done, don’t really give me enough emotional connection to care about the action, and the dialogue is usually sparse so while I’m trying a few manga lately and following a couple, I don’t think I’m going to pick up any action focused stories.

  2. Yomu says:

    I always look back on Soul Eater fondly, until I remember Black Star exists.
    Love Maka though!

    1. What is wrong with Black Star!?

  3. Merlin says:

    Love this anime. 🙂

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