30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2

Who was your first anime crush?

First, just let me say that I am absolutely loving these questions! Before I started, I thought I had my answers in the bag but when sat down in front of my computer to start them, I searched deeper than what was on the surface. That is why Bubblegum Crisis 2040 ended up being the first anime I ever watched. And since I am following that trend, then I am sorry Rukai! Although you I feel like you were my one true crush, my first go to another. Actually, I had an internal debate with myself with my pick.

But before we begin, did you think I wasn’t going to talk about one of the sexist openings I had ever seen at the time! Himegoto is one of those songs that I still listen to occasionally to this day.  And yeah, unlike I Bubblegum Crisis, this ending was just evil! Evil I tell you! 

My first anime crush was no other than Dita Liebely from Vandread

I think she also started my infatuation with red heads…

Thinking back, I can say that if Bubblegum Crisis was my introduction to the sexy females in anime then Vandread was my first exposure to the harem archetype  while also serving my first real look at girls and  boys dating. Sound strange? Let me explain.

For those who did not watch the series, Vandread was a series where men and woman hated each other and were segregated on different planets to their differences. They even view themselves as two different species with the males being Taraak and the females being called Mejere. This, in turn, caused a gender war.  This series begins with a guy name Hibiki stealing the Vanguard, a high-tech mech to fight the evil females but before he can get into the action, the ship is raided by female pirates. The core of the ship protects the battleship from being destroyed by the men and creates a wormhole to escape, fusing the females pirate vessel with the male battleship o create the Nirvana. This also altered the Vanguard, giving it the ability to fused with female small ships called dreads which when combined, turns into Vandread. 

This was groundbreaking for me because I managed to watch and record all the episodes on VHS tapes from my sneaking trips into the basement. Unlike Bubblegum Crisis, they air all the episodes of Vandread from start to finish. This actually might have been the first complete anime when I think about it that way. 

It was REALLY hard not like Dita. From the first episode when she discovered Hibiki and called him “Mr. Alien”, I was entranced. Her bubbly and sometimes ditsy personality was so adorable. Watching this girl express her feelings throughout the series from a guy was endearing. Especially considering that she is the first of her kind to pursue a man romantically in generations. For her, it was love at first sight and I can say the same for her. 

I swear she won his heart through food… I can’t even say I wouldn’t have fallen for that…

And Dita’s advances were so memorable despite the fact that she was constantly being ridiculed and chastised by her fellow crew members. Even though she was childish in nature, she was very nurturing and cheerful. She was the sole reason why the entire crew didn’t just fall into despair, rekindling their battle spirits. She cooked for Hibiki after reading that food was the way to a man’s heart. 

It was even adorable when she was jealous. There were countless times where she would get jealous when Hibiki would pilot the Vandread with the other two Mejere, Meia and Jura. She became extremely jealous to the point of pouting when Misty join the crew because she actively sought out Hibiki affection as well. And this leads to moments where she got emotional, crying at times because of the difficulties at trying to win the heart of someone that she virtually loved. Dita and Hibiki had a couple of bad arguments during the series but it was her that always kept pushing. 

She always had a smile on her face, cheering people up by saying and doing stupid things because she did not know how to act in sad situations. (I am similar in that regard. Did I get it from her?) That was a quality that I learn to appreciate years later. She had a very positive outlook on life, all aspects of it and it never wavier, even when things got bad. Dita is a person I would love to meet in person. Not only just to simply hang out with but to also try her amazing looking food.  

You may not know, but this show means so much to me. It had character relationships between different and the same gender which I did not find strange in the least because it was explained in such a way I understood it. I got to watch Dita’s relationship grow from being awkward to truly captivating and loving. Man… this show brought back some memories.

Honorable Mention

Dat smile! She only smiles like four times!

Meia Gisborn 

If Dita was the girl I crushed on as a kid, Meia was the one that I think I would have chosen had things been different. Her cold and cool personality was attractive to me even though I couldn’t pinpoint why. Her and Hibiki’s relationship was out of mutual respect and that was different from how Dita acted. I think it was in that contrast that I found her so intriguing. Also, the rare few times in the show when she smile, it was really satisfying! Look at this smile! And it was those legs! Did you see that ending!? Meia gets this mention because now, It would have been her.


Melfina from Outlaw Star

I would have journeyed with Melfina to the end of the earth so that she could find out what she truly was. A mother figure to most of the crew who was usually upbeat and easy going. I loved the way she asks obvious questions with an air of innocence. ( I need to re-watch this series as well!) Melfina gets this mention because she was my first crush on the block of Toonami. 

That is my first anime crush. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it.

Until the next post… I hope you didn’t think I was going to not put my favorite ending here… Enjoy!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Yomu says:

    Hey! That’s funny cause your post yesterday reminded me of Vandread, which is the first non Pokemon / DBZ anime that I’ve ever watched! Been so long I can hardly remember anything from it though.

    1. That is so cool! My choice for my first anime was between Vandread and Bubblegum Crisis. I debated with myself for an hour about it. Do you remember where you watched it?

      1. Yomu says:

        I was in University haha. My roommate had a big manga collection and was huge into anime, and eventually I decided to give it a try. Instead of some mainstream anime he told me to watch Vandread, which is funny cause if I watched it today I might be a little harsh.. but I look back on the anime fondly now.

  2. Merlin says:

    Heh, Nami. The first and only for me, as far as anime crushes go. 🙂

  3. Ty-chama says:

    Thankfully there’s no shortage of red-headed anime babes for you to crush over, neh? X D

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