SSSS.Gridman – Episode 6: The Shift!

Here it is! It has finally started! The turning point in the series that the last few episodes started to shift towards. As I said before, the last two episodes had yearned for something with substance. I didn’t have the battle to fall back on to reinvigorate me as even those started to become stale. So I wasn’t too hype for this episode but I was thoroughly surprised! Perhaps they did this on purpose?

To my surprise, we kicked off the episode with Yuta reflecting on yesterday’s events and Akane words. The fact that he did not question Rikka about it doesn’t make sense in this situation Rikka and Akane aren’t super close. Outside of that one outing, we really don’t see them together at all. The group is basically Namiko, Hass, and Rikka. Speaking of them, poor Hass.



Also to my surprise was the blatant hit on Yuta’s life. Akane is so cut throat! I was not expecting her to be so forward. That is truly some savagery there. I can’t blame Anti for taking the deal either. I have a way to easily take out Gridman and get a good meal? It seems the odds were in his favor!


I like the small detail of having someone at the house to protect Rikka’s mom and place. Yeah, I know it was probably to protect junk but I like to think he has a little thing for Rikka’s mom. I think you might be stretching that a little… I am not! He is always there according to Rikka’s mom!

It was then that things took a turn and my interest spiked! Yuta runs into a small child who claims to be kaiju and Yuta has the sense that he knows her from somewhere. I don’t know why but the fact that he mentions his amnesia made me think about Akane’s question about his recovering his memories. This leads me to have the suspicion that maybe Akane has knowledge of the events before the change and could potentially waiting for him to remember for some big event to trigger? What do you guys think?


This girl grows big and informs Yuta that she is from a line of Kaiju and offers to him on a date.

At the same time, Rikka and Anti met up again. I swear this girl is trying to get her man! Not this again. Staph… Not only did she go out her way to buy him lunch and tried to get friendly, she even offered her lunch to him when Anti eyed it sensing more food. Then, after smelling him, she took him back to her house to get a good cleaning. Okay! Your joke can end here! It is clear from that scene that that isn’t what was going on there! Gosh! Unless that is how she planned it took. Misdirection is the key to getting a man! At least that I what I read in 48 Laws of Power.


Noticed how she hid Anti behind her when she encountered her Mom! That noise that Rikka made when her mom opened the door was priceless! Shout out once again to Calibur for keeping an eye on her but he ain’t snitching like he supposes to be!

Then, during both of those events, we find out that Akane sought out Utsumi! She found the honorary member at in the manga section of the store they were in. They hit off pretty nicely talking about Kaiju. Like Borr (Yeah, I noticed that I had the names wrong. I went back and updated them.), this was certainly a development and I couldn’t help but be proud of him. He did not clam up and spoke to her!

Was it me or did it seem like Rikka really enjoyed washing down Anti? I told you!

Did anybody notice that our adorable little Kaiju was trying to fatten Yuta up? And where did she get a grocery bag full of money? Our green bean kaiju leads Yuta to the train where she hits us with the first bomb that thoughts in the previous episode about them falling asleep on the train. Everyone gets sleepy on the train when leaving the city according to her. Which would explain why Max didn’t sleep on their way back but dropped both times while leaving the city. The key to snapping out of it and not falling victim to the gas was sound spirits inside of music. Seems like we are on the right path so far!


We jumped to Akane and Utsumi at Starbows Cafe which is their equivalent of Starbucks, still chatting about Kaijus until Akane once again drops a question about Yuta out of the clear blue. Unlike Rikka, Utsumi questions the abruptness of question which causes Akane to double down, claiming that he is hiding something. Now I know she wasn’t doing this because she liked Utsumi but I had a slight hope that they might take it that direction. I also thought Utsumi would be the perfect person to use to spill some secret and cause the group to be compromised in some way. He seems like that type of person to me and I got the vibe in episode three. Akane doesn’t let up and goes all in, attempting to force an answer with the “if you know something, just tell me” tactic.

I love that chose to weave these scenes together the way they did. The different transitions were done so well!


Green-bean reveals to Yuta that Akane Shinjo is the one behind all the Kaiju attacks, explaining what happens when one does attack and then everything is basically returned to normal after which battle. My theory was off a bit because I did not think Kaiju actually repaired the city as well and judging by the clip, the mist has a strong role to play in all of it. If Green Bean is right and Akane is just killing off people she doesn’t like, what about all the people inside the buildings? The collateral damage and destruction from the fights? Did she not like those people as well or is she just that savage? If so, I think she might have one of the highest death counts of the season. We learn that she is basically a god of this world and that she is actually being used by the Gridman counterpart, Alexis.


I REALLY THOUGHT UTSUMI was going to be that person but he did not cave under the pressure. It would have been easy for him to give up the information to gain favor with Akane and some parts of me wanted to see that dynamic play out for the rest of the season but I am glad that it did not happen. I’m sure Borr would have kicked the living hell out of him for it afterward. Akane, who now realizes that the attempt is useless, leaves but not after mention Yuta memories again and how she hopes that they will return soon. Perhaps she had a crush on him and he turned her down for Rikka? Not likey. The expression on Utsumi’s face was like a dagger. At least he did not betray Yuta and was still thinking about her safety.

We learn that Green-bean wasn’t created by Akane and was around before Akane’s reign. Green-bean was actually around before Tsutsujidai was born. I am assuming that is the name of the location that they are stationed in. Akane’s world so to speak. Yuta with a newfound sense of purpose, bids farewell to Green-bean who is happy to have met him and says that the information provided was the least she could do as repayment. This tells me that they are connected in some meaningful way that I hope they tell us later.


Anti finally finds Yuta but before he can fulfill his wish, Max and Caliburn jump out to protect and they get into a small skirmish before Max is able to convince Anti that Yuta isn’t Gridman. This battle was pretty cool despite it being short. Anti retreats after conflicting thoughts and Yuta returns to them. I really hope he spilled the beans of what he learned so everyone can decide on how to proceed instead of keeping it to himself but only time will tell.



Anti disappoints Akane again but she seemed like she expected the outcome.


Surprisingly, this was the episode I needed. This episode single handed moved the plot forward and with that, sparked a lot of questions while answering a few. How will Yuta proceed forward with the knowledge that Akane is behind everything that has been happening? How will Rikka and Utsumi take the news? Remember that Rikka has gotten chumy with Anti and will feel some type of way when she finds out that he is a kaiju. Utsumi will surely flock to the protection and aid of Akane if is accused. I can’t wait to see what happens!

So with renewed interest, I look forward to seeing how the next episode unfolds!

What did you think about the episode? I would love to talk about in the comments below. As always, thanks for swinging by and reading. I really appreciate it.

Until the next post… How does her phone still work!? All those cracks can’t be under the screen! Somebody help me and explain it! Oh! Special shoutout to magicconan14(Aria) for pointing out my mistake with Borr and Vit!








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