SSSS.Gridman – Episode 5: Am I really?


So… we are just going to ignore the opening scene with Akane. Yep, I don’t feel the need to discuss that. What!? She is lucky I ain’t her father because she would have met every deity there was in her pursuit to avoid me putting on all the clothes! She would have been in full army gear! And the teachers just allowed her to wear it! There wasn’t much they could do… she was already there. Nope! NOPE!!! She wouldn’t have been allowed to participate! They were wearing street clothes!

Dolling out heart attacks?

I mean… the outfit was cute but how old are these kids again? I had to ask my roommate if my initial response to the episode was warranted. He agreed with me after watching two episodes and then jumping to this one. Is it me just getting older? Is my mind shifting a bit? I don’t have kids but stood out in the wrong way. A first for me because I am usually all for ecchi in anime. High School DxD is a masterpiece and I will debate anyone into oblivion who doesn’t agree. But…

And yes, I am aware of the other not so subtle things done in this episode you mean with Rikka!? but the panning shot of Akane from her feet up wasn’t necessarily in my opinion. But all those shots from… Drop it! I can’t really explain why my brain even took this stance so until I figure it out, drop it!

With that out of the way, look like Akane has a new scheme and we get a glimpse of on the table before jumping to Utsumi and Yuta boarding the train.

It is here that we get our first glimpse of something major. And the realization is two-fold. First is the sleeping fog that envelops the train and knocks out two characters completely out for the duration of the trip. But we will get back to this later. The second was the imagery that was showed while Yuta slept. The importance of these few pictures cannot be understated because I feel like they will be the linchpin later on that will explain everything.

The first image looks to be Alexis seemingly running a spear through Gridman’s chest. The image is brutal but perhaps this was something that leads to Gridman’s and Alexis memory loss? Remember that Alexis doesn’t remember Gridman either but this image clearly shows that they got history.

The second image was of five separating lights. Could this be referencing our band of assist weapons with Gridman being the fifth member? So many questions! Before any more images are given to us, Yuta wakes up and the two bails as they almost missed their stop. Yuta and Rikka make eye contact and that tension grows a few points. We get another helping of Akane’s humor when she jokingly askes Rikka to apply sunscreen to the front of her body and we are outside!


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Utsumi gets teased about being chunky though it plays to his benefit when Akane joins in on the fun. No, I don’t have a problem with Rikka’s outfit. No, I am not being biased. I think it is just the cleavage. they both are cute. Akane’s swimsuit is just overkill.  I think you are because all the other girls are wearing similar swimsuits. If that was the case, Rikka’s hips are no different and should be treated the same. But why are we still talking about this!?


Akane finds Yuta alone and they have a little chat and with a barrage of questions, Akane makes Yuta slip up bugs bunny style and makes him agree to him transforming. Though I don’t know how you can take his answer as proof after her interrogation. But she does and summons the volcanic earth kaiju made of stone! We are not about to ignore Akane’s phone. What the hell is it made of? It can survive water while the skin is already cracked!? I need someone to give me a name brand because her phone is tougher than Nokia bricks… And I have seen some things go in the compartment known as the bra but not the phone! Nope, I will not suspend my disbelief that much! Not with what she was wearing!


The alliance met up to discuss tactics and they realize that Yuta can’t transform because Junk is with them. They also can’t call anyone because they don’ have their phones. Yuta and Utsumi come up with the plan to run to the nearest phone to make the call and tell Rikka to stand behind for her safety. Yuta also remembers the question Akane asked which should have some sort of payoff in the next episode right!? They reach the phone but neither of them remembers the number but that is when Rikka shows up exhausted to add the final piece to their plan and prove she was needed! I know they were protecting her but you just don’t leave her behind like that! Anti find Akane and offers to carry her because he is still trying to be her boo thang and climb out of the kaiju friend zone.

Why do they get to look so cool!?

The junior high students after being questioned by Rikka’s mom buy junk to transport it to the station and while on the train, they fall under the same effect that Yuta and Utsumi did. I wish they would have had someone of the students question the sleep because it would confirm that it happens to everyone but for now, I can only assume that it happens to those in the “know”. Yes, I know the Rikka didn’t mention it so my theory is still got holes.

Side note: Don’t you think it is a bit odd that they were making fun of Utsumi not being in shape but he was able to keep up with Yuta seemingly with ease while Rikka struggled?


Yuta finally reaches the station and through what I have to imagine was tons of extension cords, gets junk to work. Gridman confirms that they only have a limited amount of time in Justice Flash. I think this is going to be exploited later. It should! Vit signs up to aid Yuta in this fight and the battle of the week starts!

“Hold me scarf lass… I will show them who is top dog around here”

Man, that earth Kaiju was enormous! Gridman and Vit try to take it on while actually trying to limit the amount of damage being caused to the area by the fires. Where was this thoughtfulness in the city? Gridman gets slapped around like a ragdoll and Anti decides it is time for him to join the gray to show his boo that he is the only kaiju she needs in her life. Going so far as to give her his scarf to hold until he handled business.


With anti on the scene, he fires them lasers but Gridman dodges and avoids most of the damage. Vit puts a brief hold on Anti to allow them to transform into Buster Gridman! With the new transformation, Buster Gridman starts laying down the heavy fire only to have Anti copy  Gridman’s buster missile and return fire.


Getting tired of all the nonsense, Vit and Gridman fire everything they have at the Earth Kaiju and shoots the Twin Buster Grid Beam that totally somehow obliterates it. How? I don’t even know. It didn’t look all that powerful to me. Vit called Anti small-fry. Hilarious!


This battle was WACK! Twin Buster Grid Beam actually looked like a weaker version of Max Grid Beam that was displayed in episode 4 though I guess it would be considered stronger because it was two of them? Along with the all the missiles and such softening up the rock? I don’t know! This was kinda lackluster! I loved the fact that they showed them putting out the fires but outside of that, the battle of the week for the second week in a row was weak. Don’t do that again… But… it was clever…


After the battle, Rikka gives Yuta her usual that beautiful beam and smile before spotting Anti in the distant of the forest. I like how they doubled down on the enemy knowing their identity with Akane confirmation and Anti seeing it for himself. My favorite two ladies wouldn’t be who they are without teasing Rikka yet again and get finally get to see glimpses of the world putting itself back together again while they make the journey home. Like Rikka, Max questions the origin of the kaiju and why did keep popping around the crew. I think that they are going to find out very soon.


Overall, I feel like things are starting to pick up in terms of the plot but at the same time failing to maintain the bar that they set in the action department. One problem with starting out as strong as they did in the first four episodes is that you set the bar way too high and anything less will be noticed. I’m still enjoying the series but I am going to have to adjust my expectations a bit after two weeks of meh battles.

What did you think of the episode and the series so far? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it! You all are awesome!

Until the next post… Only Vit can prevent forest fires! Isn’t that right Vit?






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  1. I know this is the first time I’ve reached out to you, so hiya. I just wanted to point out the Neon Genesis High student with the orange twintails is called Borr (pronounced “Bora”), not Vit.

    1. Thanks! I noticed that mistake while I was writing my episode six review and just laughed. I had to search the names and mixed up names. Thanks for pointing that out!

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