300 Writing Prompts #3: Dear Diary

Write a diary entry dated 10 years in the future.

Monday, December 2, 2028 Taking liberties with the date…

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be here, staring out at the beautiful vista of Mount Fuji as an extremely early birthday present. When I think about it, everything that leads up to this point has been something out of a fairy-tale.

Though I just arrived this evening, my trip was filled with wonderful surprises. I met a lovely woman who had a passion for the violin and videos games. What are the chances!? The layover was filled with us discussing music with me being very knowledgeable on original scores. I introduced her to several songs that she had never felt before but thought would be awesome to play one day and she played a few songs for me, attracting a small crowd.

She had a comely figure which was stem-thin. Her curvilinear figure was hidden behind her poofy brown jacket as the weather this time of the year had already completely embraced the season of winter. Her delicate ears framed a button nose that was only enhanced by her mesmerizing chestnut eyes with specks of cinnamon. When she broke into a smile, it was as if the sun was gracing you personally with its radiance and eyes beamed with the same intensity.

The song she played was To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. Of course, it was her favorite in the series. And it was astonishing to hear it played live. The way she entranced the crowd as she the bow across the strings, swaying gracefully to the cadence was awe-inspiring. Such an elegant song played with such emotion. It would have been nearly impossible not to be captivated. Hearing her rendition of the song felt as if I was transported back to the first time I booted the game and hear the song at the title screen.

We debated the best songs and she told me about her experiences of performing live and practicing. We related because I performed in plays in high school and spoke in public forums. She had a habit of running her fingers through her nougat-brown hair when she in thought, eyes searching inward when she tried to remember something which happened a lot when got on the topic of old games. It was adorable. Being the person that I am, I couldn’t help but use every opportunity available to slid in-jokes.

We talked for hours. We both had to conscious check the time to ensure we did not miss our flights. Her flight came to fight and I noticed the tinge of sadness in having to say goodbye. I felt it too. With her demure, timorous personality, it surprised me when kissed my cheek during our hug. Her heart-shaped lips were so soft! She asked for me phone in a murmur, a dulcet voice as sweet as any songbird with her Australian accent. Oh man, I will never forget that dazzling smile she wore as she waved goodbye. The aroma of sweet vanilla lingered on my clothes long after she was gone as a reminder that it wasn’t a dream.

Her name was Evelyn.

Odd how certain encounters can leave such an impression on you? I wonder if I should call her? Nearly 40 and still don’t know what is the proper protocol for socializing. Maybe tomorrow? We could swap stories of our adventures. The Netherlands sound so cool!

Well, it is getting late and I haven’t slept well since embarking on this journey. I have a busy day tomorrow filled with sight-seeing and food testing. I get chart down some restaurants here and review them! I am so excited!

This was a real treat to write and this was all random. I had no idea where this was going to take me. It is kinda broken up and stuff but that is probably how I would write it in my journal because it would just be me reading it and I would write as it came to mind.

Where do you want to be in ten years? I’m curious to know where people want to be and what they think they will be doing. Let’s talk about it in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! I really appreciate it.

And until the next post…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. moyatori says:

    Haha, your future sounds like the dream! In 10 years, I’d like to be an accomplished editor, live in a small and cozy home, and be married and with three bilingual and musically talented kids. Hmm, wait, I don’t think I can do all that in 10 yrs. Cannot have 3 kids of speaking age by then…

    1. It is a dream I am trying to make reality. This actually two fold but more on that later.

      I think everything outside speaking kids in ten years is doable. I might need to hire you if editorial work is your fancy, I have lost my touch at the craft. Where you like to live that is small and cozy? Like what is your ideal location if you have in mind?

      1. moyatori says:

        Ahaha… Editing is very much my fancy, but other than the interning I do here and there, I have no real credentials. Are you writing a novel?

        Small and cozy, hmm. I really loved Vancouver Island when I visited (I live in Vancouver rn), so maybe that is the ideal spot. 😊 Don’t really have the ambitions to resettle somewhere far!

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