Vaxis – Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures

I was first introduced to Coheed and Cambria back in high school when Good Apoll, I’m Burning Star IV released back in 2005. I, at fifteen, completely feel in love with this album. There was so much here that I couldn’t believe people released albums the way they did. A well crafted story that was woven in the lyrics of the album which told the story of Claudio Kilgannon and the Amory Wars which was told from the perspective of author known as The Writer.

I had this album on repeat for months. I know every song on this album. I still go back to this album a few times a year and when I do, I usually go through all the albums back to the current one because I find their music so captivating.


So in my search for music yesterday, Spotify did the most thoughtful thing an application can do. It informed me that Coheed and Cambria had released a new album. After some research, I learned that they were going back to the tales of the Amory Wars after departing from it to explore the lead singer’s recent events in his life. (That album is so emotionally charged!)

I devoured the album. I have already listen to the album in its entirety seven times with me only taking a break to finish up an audible book call Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (One of the most epic fantasy tales I have ever read). 15 track of music that sends on a roller coaster ride that doesn’t seem to have any dull moments. I feel like the album starts at the top abruptly and just drops into the hard turns and loops of emotions.

“The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)” features violins! The only other instrument I think I love more is the piano. This was the first track of the album that I found myself repeating a few times. I know when I do that with songs, it is probably going to be on of my favorite songs.

I think this one resonates me on so many levels, especially during this time of my life. I’ve learn that in your late twenties, you are in the final stages of cementing yourself. You start to look at yourself and everyone around to determine what is really best for you moving forward. And as of late, I have questioned my place and whether or not I should leave to start anew. But the fear the accompanies those thoughts weighs heavily on my mind.

“Carry them over your shoulders, you fear
The absence, the void you’ll cause
When you choose to leave them all here
There’s no turning back, it’s time that you steer
The wide open stares back alone at the cusp
The self that you thought you lost
The shine that burned well into rust
You can’t hear my voice ’cause I’m not loud enough

Believe me, when I say
It’s a long way back from here”

I love this verse so much.

“Old Flames” opens with pianos! Ironic right? I don’t know why this song makes me smile while I am singing it poorly but it just does. It feels me with positive vibes. How can it not with a chorus like this. I learned that this song was a response to the fans thoughts of their last album.

For me, I get the impression of redemption for mistakes that may have been made. Acknowledging that things were not handled in the best of ways. Your actions stray from the genuine and you are trying to correct them and reforge bonds that may have been lost. And with the recent events in my life, once again I find myself picking this song to repeat.

“You and me, we’re not enemies, I’m begging
If anything, all we are, we are
In harmony, sing with me, I plead
Oh, if I can make things right then this will be our night
The world against you and I
We all go up in flames, go out in style, style”


Here, just listen to it yourself.


Regardless, this album was invigorating and I definitely recommend listening to it if you are a fan of them. If not, I still feel like there is enough awesomeness here that you can enjoy the ride this album offers. I love the fact that Claudio takes his real life experiences and mold them into vivid fantasy tales and then, mold those tales in ballads for his albums. His songs are so rich with emotion and meaning that it is hard not to feel it when you listen to their songs. This album is no different and a great return to form.

Are you a fan of Coheed & Cambria or are you discovering them? What do you think of their new album? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading (^_^) Until the next review!




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