Why music is awesome! Even if I can’t speak the language!

I was asked today why do I enjoy Japanese and Korean music and my answer, though it was brief wasn’t the entire thing. So I figured I would answer it here. Perhaps then, they might understand.

I believe music transcends all of time. No matter when it was created and how it is heard, the emotions and the message will be conveyed even if its not consciously.

For every anime I have watched, the opening and ending songs all have meaning for me. Even if I don’t understand what they are saying. Even if they aren’t translated for the message. The music has a connection to what I have watched. The characters and their struggles and triumphs, joys and pains, and closure to their story. It means something to me and it takes root inside my heart.

Picturing being a great book that made you laugh, cry, and ultimately relish in the glory that was that book when you were finished. Now imagine the author giving you a soundtrack of what he listened to when he was writing it and asked you to play these songs during certain part to enhance the experience. Can you imagine the power that would implore? Stage plays and Operas does this and look what they achieve?

So every time I hear the song. No matter where it is, I think of the story and it invokes emotion. Raw emotion. I love that. And sometimes, the music may even apply to me without me knowing.

I discovered another one today. I was currently watching a show called Guilty Crown. I love the soundtrack for this series. It invokes emotion with every episode with not only the story but their choice to add actual songs rather than instrumentals. It means so much more when something happens when I hear the song. It a bliss that I can’t even explain.

So today, i was searching for the lyrics of the songs I loved from the series and stumbled upon a gem. Simply for the lyrics. the song is called My Dearest and its down my Egoist, a fictional band within the series of Guilty Crown which is performed by Supercell.

This is just the opening to the anime.

And this is the full song.

I love the way the song sound and could listen to it all day. But when I read the lyrics, I smiled.

My Dearest
So, everything that makes me whole
I offer it all to you.
I’m yours…

Hey, this is the first time
that I have smiled this much
I’m sure that i
took all the wrong paths
just for this day…
always walked all alone

Far, far, far as the eye can see
I’ll hold hands with you forever,
we should be able to go anywjere we want.
You told me I won’t be alone anymore
and smiled ona gain

We now have something precious we must protect
But there will be a time when we won’t be able to do anything
when despair tries to swallow you up,
I will become the light that shines upon you
I won’t even let the lord of this world take you away

So, everything that makes me whole
I offer it all to you,
I’m yours.

Hey, there is so much
happniess in this world isn’t there?
One day us too…

One day someone will call you a liar
If they try to hurt you with those heartless words,
if the world won’t even believe in you
if they try to put on a crown of thorns
I’ll be your one and only ally
I know that loneliness and pain

So, everything that makes me whole
I offer it all to you
I’m yours…

If one day you come to understand all of me,
I’m will surely be at that place.
So even if there isn’t a piece of hope there.
if I become someone that must not exist
I know more than anyone.
that you will never forget about me,

So, fo you, I take my everything
and offer it all…

I smiled because it actually helped me get past a tragic moment in my life right now. The lyrics means so much to mean than anyone could ever believe. I feel this way towards someone and if they are reading this, I hope they understand now. For the person hat asked the question, I hope you do to now.

What are your thoughts?

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