Simply Joy

I’m sure everyone has had one of those moments where they recalled or remembered something that they were very fond of and completely went bonkers over when it suddenly just pops up without warning.

If you are one of the few who can honestly say this has not happened to you, fine. It will. Trust me.

Regardless, I never thought a childhood television jingle would brighten my day to the point where I was seemingly floating on cloud 9 and nothing could bring me off the high.

I was doing my regular shift at work; driving a forklift and loading a 50 foot trailer with car parts for Chrysler. And it was around the time I usually get tired of working and my entire day becomes a drag when I heard someone whistling a jingle.

At first, I stopped and just stared at the guy walking pass my forklift in awe. I knew the little operators in my head was scattered about the giant file cabinets, fishing for the name of the tune that has provided me a ray of happiness in my gloomy Friday night.

But sadness swept back over my landscape as my search ended in failure. You know when you try to think of something and it feel like its on the tip of your tongue but you lack the key ingredient to say what it is

Yeah… it sucked. So I went back to work sad and irritated because I couldn’t stop thinking about the stupid tune that I couldn’t remember.

And then… it hit me. Or rather, I hit something.

I had bumped into one of the pillars of the warehouse backing up with some freight and I can’t remember what exactly was going through my head but when I pulled off… I sung it.

Yes! It was the theme of a Pup Named Scooby Doo. (Don’t judge me.)

And I sung it again. And again. And every time I did so, I smiled big. I laughed. I actually cried in joy. It was amazing. But just remembering it wasn’t enough. I only remember the first part of the theme and the beginning (The best part in my opinion.) So I retrieved my phone that could not watch videos while in the warehouse and prayed that this theme was on a android app called Zedge.

And it was.

Now, we aren’t suppose to listen to music while working, especially while operating a forklift but that night. I blasted that song so loud that people actually started giving my weird looks. (Probably because I was dancing and singling while driving [I can’t sing either.]) But I didn’t care. I had entered a space I would like to call pure bliss. For the rest of the night, I was happy. Genuinely happy and no one could ruin it. They asked me to stay after two hours, I did it happily. I didn’t get home til 5 and barely got sleep but I slept very happily.

I guess the point I’m trying to make, be mindful of the simple things that makes us happy. It is a powerful tool that can get us through those dreadful days.

What are your thoughts?

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