Exercise One – The First Sentence

Write five of your own opening lines for five different stories. When you read, look for opening lines that immediately pull the reader into the story. And if you keep a notebook, consider starting a new section and add a new sentence a day — for the rest of your life.

I’ve already started my digital writing notebook and folder on my laptop as I hate writing with my hands. I figured I would post some of the ones I came up with on here and some different ones on my blog. This is my first attempt at this, so bear with me. Tell me which one is your favorite? Which one draws you in. It would really help!

I watched helplessly from the closet; silently just as my mother asked. She told me everything was going to be all right. She smiled as she kissed my forehead and sold me with her embraced. I believed her.

I felt the blow as if it struck me. The words scored with the same intensity as it did my brother. We were alone now. In more ways then anyone could have every imagined.

The clash of blades echoed through the corridor as she watched in anticipation, knuckles white with anxiety and fear. She was cause of this bloodshed and with their deaths would be bring forth an new era using their blood as the toll.

It all happened in instant. Adrien knew nothing about women besides what he read in books and saw in certain magazines. His father gave him the traditional speech about the birds and the bees but that was a mere children folklore if things were like this.

“I can’t do this anymore,” he whispered as his finger pulled the trigger. The gun landed before the body did and the pool that followed marked , his success. He was told that death was his only escape. If only it was that simple.

Updated: October 18, 2012

I think I missed a couple of days of doing this, slacking of course but life happened and it kinda brought me away from here. I said I was serious here, so I have returned to try once more. I have a lot of catch up on. So here we go.

Alistor knew when he stepped into the room, his life would never be the same. All the others had warned him about speaking with charmslingers but there was something about this one that caught his eye. “HelloAlister, we’ve been waiting for you,” she greeted with her gloved hand extended.


“Rather inspecting you. Please, come with me.”



If you reading this, give it a whirl in the comment box. I would like to see what others come up with. Discussions are welcomed here. Different from the note, I will see what I can about adding some more of these once a week. I tend to be forget about things, but since I’m trying to be serious about this, I will try harder.

What are your thoughts?

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