Drifting in the Frozen Sea

Snow in Water

Its snowing. A calligraphy uniquely constructed in a moment of thought. Millions of moments in the form falling crystals in the radiance of the moon nigh. Could my life be translated in such brilliance? An arctic embrace of the sea underneath holds me fondly, as a lover in intimacy. Her gentle sway leaves me abstract; cradled in her bosom. Would one cherish my life so? The breeze were like affectionate hands, caressing my features so delicately. Though cold, its intent resonated with an motherly warmth. Will one love me so unconditionally? Drifting down the endless sea of thoughts this night without purpose; to swept away by its currents and ride the waves just above the surface in its guidance. To where?

Two days with no results, he tells himself in disappointment as he eyes wavers in front of a blank screen. Its there in thought, he tells himself as he dances over all of the grand scenes and characters in his head. The epic confrontations and debates carefully woven with beautiful dialogue and wordplay. An intricate and wonderful world filled with lore and wonder; a place that would linger years after the book is added to a collection on a bookshelf. An climax that brings tears of emotion of every genre; a true masterpiece of literature.

And yet, with all this… the screen remains blank.

A voice plays with his ear, snickering. Perhaps you aren’t cut out for such an thing, says the voice with reasonable creditability. Those people who told you those lies didn’t want to hurt your sensitive feelings. They led you into believing that you could write. That you showed promise! So where is this potential? Show me grand ability in literature and reap the glory for your work!

You can’t, can you? its all right. I had no hope in you anyway. But let’s just go with your dream. It wouldn’t hurt right? So, you can write. you have a gift for writing literature… or a the very least, something to hold someone’s attention. (Poor sap, -cough-) Why haven’t you gotten of the first page of this one? What about those other stories that you started and left to be forgotten? Why haven’t you had other people read your stuff? You know, get that thing called feedback. So what if you write an old chap! Some people like it! Even find you more favorable than others! So whats the deal? Why are you waiting? Procrastinating? Wasting away precious time doing everything but fulfilling your dream?

Unable to bear the revelation, he expelled the voice in fury. Silence! He demanded, hearing the snickers echo in the distant in the voice’s departure. But he knew those strikes left wounds. His hands were shaking and his thoughts were waging war with each other. He moved, leaving the screen to seek a way to regain his mind. A trip the kitchen would present his options and among them were; eating, drinking or both. Like a multiple choice question, he began to eliminate the choices until one remained. The victor was a simple glass of cold water, that soothe and cleansed his thoughts in a matter of moments. Why not another as a prayer for good blessing? It wouldn’t hurt.

Back at the screen, he pondered as he unconsciously started a staring contest. Before he knew it, his screen was no longer blank. There was a hint of blue and filled with words known as statuses. There was suddenly a lot on his mind now! Things that needed to be said and updates to lives that needed to be examined. With haste, the exploration of facebook for the twentieth time is underway!

– Boredom is condition that none can control. You only listen to his directions in the hopes that it slips and releases you from its clutches. ~ Winter’

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  1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

    I could be wrong…!! but that voice sounds like you were putting yourself through a test. to see if your heart and mind are in writing. which i strongly believe is your calling. your story, points, views, and outlook on so many things have believe it or not gotten me to read more but not just anything it mostly is your work. i haven’t known you until i read your stories. you are a amazing writer and that voice was couldnt have been more wrong if it went left instead of right.

    1. Oddly enough, I was in a dark place when I wrote this. I just got through reading something that made my work look like child’s play and I couldn’t understand why. I believe you right and I have a good plan for next year in terms of writing. Thank for the encouragement though.

      1. And this was a short story. It doesn’t have an ending I suppose, but I’d rather leave the ending up to your guys through thought and reflection.

      2. Aridrinanna Turner says:

        oh okay and i understand about leaving the ending up to us its better to let the mind live and your more than welcome bro

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