Vacation Recap – Carnival Conquest 2019

There are a few things that I would like to touch on before beginning this post because now that I have returned from my vacation, I find myself completely in awe that it even happened in the first place. It was truly extraordinary, wasn’t it? More than I could have ever imagined.

There she is!

For those who did not know, I have been hell-bent on going on a cruise since I experienced my first one back in 2015 with my grandparents.

It was an experience that I will never forget. But despite all the fun I had with family, there was something missing. I had no one my age to enjoy the experience with. In no way am I saying that traveling with my grandparents wasn’t fun. It was great! The wealth of knowledge they had about some of the islands they had already ventured to was insightful. However, they were seasoned travelers. They had been on nearly a dozen cruises and the experience wasn’t mind-blowing to them All the stuff I was experiencing was new and whenever I wanted to gleefully turn and bask the moment, I had no one but myself. Or at least it felt that way.

So when I returned, I went to everyone I knew and basically became a salesman for the Carnival Cruise line. I had the entire sales pitch down to a mathematical equation. In reality, cruising isn’t all that expensive. It is something that you can plan year to year and be able to do it fairly easily if you know how to budget your cash. Especially when most of us, spend money at times on things that we really don’t need. Just applying those funds alone to a cruise would allow you to experience it. You are doing it again… Oh! I won’t go on a tangent but even though they seem like daunting things, they really aren’t when you break down your goals into small ones.

Everyone thought it was something unobtainable…

But even with breaking down how you would have to save and giving people blueprints to what needed to be down over several months to ensure they would be able to experience it, no one joined my party. Which was frustrating because I really wanted to make some meaningful experiences with the friends that I had and here I was basically considering going solo because I did not want to hinder myself from enjoying what I really wanted to do.

My crusade to try to get someone to accompany on my voyage continued for three years. I asked everyone I could! I tried to convince so many people that it was doable. I even offered to pay for their spot on the cruise and all they would have to do is obtain the plane fare. (The reasoning behind this is because if you travel alone, you still have to pay for space in your room. For example, the basic stateroom can hold two guests. So you pay for both even if you are traveling alone. I don’t know why this though.) That did not work. Having saved up the entire year for my vacation, I had basically decided to go alone. Until…


Someone unexpectedly agreed. It came out of complete nowhere. I was catching up with a very dear friend of mine who I hadn’t really hung out with in a while. I was basically ranting because I couldn’t find anyone to go with me and after my rant, she became curious and wanted to learn more. Having a wealth of knowledge on planning, I broke it down the same way I did with everyone else and at the end of the day, she agreed. I was so excited and stunned by her decision that I paid for the entire thing right then and there. (She agreed to pay it back but I really didn’t care.) Her kid was going to accompany her as well which made us a party of three with two having never experienced the wonders of cruising!

Her name is Ashley and I have known this lovely lady for nearly six years now? Don’t quote me, I’m sick and tired at the moment but I know it is somewhere around there. If I had to describe her in three words, it would be eccentric, witty, and exuberant. Without going into another tangent, she was the inspiration for a lot of my poems back in the day and she was the reason I started to perform them at poetry slams and other functions. We have a lot of history and all of it is very memorable! The little guy is Ashton and is quite possibly the coolest kid on the block. Adventure, kind, and cunning would be the words I use to describe this bundle of joy. From playing games with him to him or hanging out at the movies, there is never a dull moment when he is around.

Have you guys ever wanted something so bad but when it happened, you started to question whether or not you really wanted it? About a month into our planned adventure, my mind started to race with all sorts of things. In hindsight, it was all things I couldn’t have never really worried about but at the time, it was really heavy on me. I thought someone was going to happen and they wouldn’t have been able to go. I thought I was going to be a terrible host and that I would ruin their experience somehow. What if I snored so loudly that they weren’t able to sleep? Sounds pretty stupid, but those were legitimate concerns on mine! There were so many thoughts racing through my head that it ultimately did not clear up until the night before we left and I am not the type to get anxious or nervous about things. Embarrassed maybe, but these feelings are relatively new to me so the jitters were getting to me.

Our ship, the Carnival Conquest! (Shout out to Matt, the cruise director! He was amazing!)

But there was really no reason to have them because once we were all together, everything just seemed to fall into place. A natural wave came over me and it lasted for the entire vacation which was absolutely amazing. Our cruise was on the Carnival Conquest and our adventure took us to four islands. The beautiful Nassau, the private island of Half Moon Cay, the party island of Grand Turk and stunning vistas of Amber Cove.

Atlantis! I will be planning a vacation to this gorgeous resort! This picture does it no justice!
The beautiful water of Half Moon Cay!
The stunning Amber Cove
And because I can’t seem to find a picture of Grand Turk, enjoy the sunset!

Words can’t even describe the joy I had on this trip. From learning that I can easily float in salt water but can’t do the same in pool water, enjoying free food throughout the day with the occasional colorful island drink and loads of dancing, this trip was everything I could have asked for. It has really made double down on traveling and really cherish the memories that you can make. My two companions loved it so much that we are already talking and planning out the next one which was awesome and exciting in its own right! They ate so much ice cream! (Odd that I never thought to capture that on video…) They enjoyed the beach thoroughly and love the entire experience.

I entertained a group of women by beer chugging (when I don’t drink) and gave one lucky lady a lap dance she will never forget (but probably won’t remember because she was wasted.). I sang “I want it that way” to a crowd of people in a throwback 90’s sing-a-long. I’ve made tons of very funny videos and danced to my heart’s content.

I was even able to rediscover some dormant feelings for the beautiful soul that decided to take a leap of faith and accompany on this journey. That, in turn, allowed me to take a leap of faith of my own and I hope that my actions and words were enough to reach your heart.

But if it did not…

To you, I say unconditionally...

To you see you smile, I would treat you to the skies above
But all I have to give is my breath, to take you to new heights

To see your eyes sparkle, I would gift you the oceans
But all I have to give is my heart and the boundless depths of my love

If it was possible, I would give you the sun
But all I have to give is my body, hoping that its warm embrace is enough

If it was possible, I would give you the moon
But all I have is my soul, hoping that it's kindled light is enough to traverse the dark

If it was possible, I would give you the stars
but all I have are these dreams that I hope we'll reach one day

If it was possible,  I would give you all of the beauty of this world
but all I have are my hands, to paint your picture and to describe your elegance

I would give you the cosmos and all of its wonders
but all I have

Is the intent of you with every breath that I take
Every beat of my heart drumming only for your sake
The warmth of my body to be your sheltering place
The light of my soul to drive back the darkness you may face
The space in my mind in my dreams and while I am awake
And my hand searching for yours, for the future we will make
So what are you waiting for?

Take my hand
And together...
Heaven we will create

I hope my words will reach her. Look at me sounding like Kaori! (>_<!)

But seriously, that was by far the best experience of my life. Nothing else even comes close and I hope my future is filled with even more cherishing moments and experiences that I can hang on my wall of memories.

I made a short video of the vacation that you watch here if you’re interested. Please be kind, that was made on my dying phone while I was almost bedridden with this fever. I think I did a good job, however. Let me know which one you like more! I’m very curious about how it turned out.

What was your most memorable vacation? Where did you go and what did you do? I am super curious about this because I am always thinking about the next adventure and would love to have some recommended locations! Let’s chat about it in the comments!

As always, thank you guys and gals for swinging by and reading. You have no idea how much it means to me. You are all awesome!

And until the next post…

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Omg I love cruises!! I’m so happy you found someone to go with. They aren’t fun if u go alone lol

    1. Someone who understands! I was determined to enjoy myself but I can’t imagine having the amount of fun I had alone. I just can’t! What cruises have you been on?

      1. I’ve gone on Royal caribbean, carnival, and Norwegian lines but the carnival cruises are the best and cheapest 👌🏻 and Atlantis is the best resort so you definitely scored on this one

      2. I actually plan on giving those cruise lines a try sometime in the future just to see the difference in experiences but I kinda already agree with you that Carnival is like a non-stop party with family you don’t even know. Atlantis was best part and that was acknowleding that we only explored one part of the resort!

      3. Yeah the other two are more pricey but with Norwegian u can get some better deals!

      4. I will definitely keep that in mind. Especially because Norwegian seems to travel to some very unique destinations.

      5. Yes definitely! Ugh I need to go on a cruise now. Brb gonna go on Expedia and just dream for a bit 😂

      6. Lol! Dream big! Those are the ones that usually come true! (^_^)

  2. Yomu says:

    My sister actually used to work in marketing for an online travel company, sort of like Trivago / Kayak, and she was able to become a certified travel agent through that, which she solely used for cruise discounts & special offers exclusive to travel agents. One cruise she actually got for free too, up around Alaska (her partner still had to pay, but still great deal)! I wonder what is required to get the certification from a company standpoint. Maybe saying that you have a “travel” blog is enough? Just a possibility seeing as you love cruises haha

    I’ve never been on a cruise but I think I would love it.

    Glad to hear you had a great time!

    1. That is a totally an awesome idea. I would have to make another blog because I think this one has enough genres as it is. But brilliant idea!

  3. Mallow says:

    Oh man reverie my dude, looks like you had an AMAZING time, just reading it here, so awesome for you!!. Man I’m glad that you did find someone to go with you. Hope more of this comes your way.

  4. moyatori says:

    Lovely photos! Great to see what you look like IRL.

    And I’m so happy you enjoyed the trip and sorted out some of your feelings! I hope things work out between you two.

  5. Ty-chama says:

    Glad that you had such an awesome trip! My favourite holiday, thus far, was to Turkey. The country has so much history and the locals where my family and I were staying were so friendly!

    1. Turkey sounds like an amazing place to visit! It really cool when the locals treat you like one of their own!

  6. Your travel story sounds so beautiful especially the poem you’ve penned down. Gives me a lot of motivation to take a cruise vacation at the earliest. Cheer bud.

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